Accreditation Criteria

Accreditation leads to full membership of FiP Ltd and provides entry to the UKCP Register of Psychotherapists through the CPJA section.


  1. Applicants for accreditation as psychoanalytic psychotherapists in individual work may either already be registered with UKCP in another section, or may not be registered with UKCP but be seeking accreditation on the basis of training and experience.
  2. Applicants may be accredited as either psychodynamic (once weekly work) or psychoanalytic psychotherapists (twice weekly work – minimum).
  3. Psychotherapists who have not had a formal training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy may achieve professional equivalence according to the criteria that FiP Ltd has agreed with the Training Standards Committee of the CPJA Section of UKCP. In assessing equivalence credit will be given for prior experiential learning at the discretion of the Accreditation Committee.
  4. Equal Opportunities; this route is available for people with disabilities for whom other routes to accreditation would be inappropriate.