Clinical Associate Membership

Clinical Associate membership is available to those working clinically in private practice, in the NHS or a mental health charity as a psychotherapist with a professional analytic or psychodynamic qualification and registered with UKCP*, BPC, ACP or BACP.

NB. FiP is unable to operate as an Organisational Member of UKCP in respect of Clinical Associate Members. Associate members will therefore be responsible for retaining appropriate membership with an organisation responsible for overseeing their professional status.

* This would apply to UKCP registrants who accredited with the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) but are practising under practice labels other than  ‘Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist’ or ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapist’ (who are not eligible for full membership).

Application requirements:

  • Proof of qualification and registration with UKCP, BPC, ACP or BACP
  • Two references, one from a UKCP, BPC, ACP or BACP registered supervisor
  • CV
  • Proof of insurance or, if employed, proof of employer’s insurance
  • Proof of professional will (if in private practice)
  • Signed acceptance of FiP Code of Ethics
  • Statement of complaints past or pending
  • Statement of reasons for wishing to join FiP
  • Application fee: £75


  • Free and discounted CPD provision
  • General support and guidance in relation to professional complaints and concerns via the Ethics Committee (N.B. for specific non-UKCP policy guidance registering body members will have to refer to their relevant registering body)
  • Opportunities for networking, social and professional
  • Discounted subscriptions to some professional journals
  • Opportunity for involvement as a member of FiP’s CPD and Ethics groups 

 Fees: £85 per annum

If you are interested in becoming a Clinical Associate Member of FiP Please follow this link to the relevant online application form.