If you need to make a complaint

Individuals who wish to complain about a member of the Forum for Independent Psychotherapists (FIP) or about the activities of FiP itself should follow the links  below to the relevant complaints process:

Concerns or complaints about a therapist 

All FiP members are bound by the complaints procedures of their national registering bodies. For details of how to access these procedures please see Complaints in respect of Clinical Practice of FiP members

The complaints and conduct processes of the registering bodies are designed to ensure that registered therapists:

Have the skills, knowledge and character to work safely and effectively with clients, and

 behave in a way that safeguards public safety and maintains confidence in the psychotherapy profession.

They will examine cases where there is evidence that calls into question a therapist’s suitability to be on their register of practitioners.

Concerns or complaints about a supervisor

If your relationship with a FiP member therapist is as a supervisee and you have a concern or complaint please see Complaints in respect of supervisory practice of FiP members

Complaints about FiP

FiP’s Organisational complaints process  offers a mechanism for addressing concerns or complaints from members of the public arising from interactions with our organisation, its officers and employees. N.B. Members with an organisational complaint should follow FiP’s internal grievance process.

An Applications Appeals Procedure exists for use by applicants who wish to challenge the outcome of a membership or accreditation application. Complaints that are in respect of the applications process and are not seeking to challenge the applications decision can follow this organisational complaints process.