CPD Events

We aim to offer events which draw on a broad range of interventions and approaches that can supplement or be integrated into our work as psychanalytic or psychodynamic therapists.   We also aim to offer occasional events which simply give us something new to think about.

It is hoped FiP CPD events will provide an opportunity for members to interact as a community as well as supporting our practice as psychotherapists.

CPD hosted by FiP is free to its members. Events are also available for non-members to to book, please click on the ‘further details’ links below for further details.

Forthcoming events:

12th October 2024Jason WrightJob is the story of our time and addiction is the symptom as we struggle with our place in the order of things – for further details click here
Spring 2025Punam SoodOn EMDR – details to be announced

FiP’s CPD group have for a number of years operated to deliver a programme of CPD events.

There was an unavoidable hiatus in event planning  as a consequence of Covid but a programme was reinitiated in 2021.

Our recent programme has been:

01/04/2021Duine CampbellGay Werewolves, the symbolic life and religious fundamentalism: concerning similarity and symbol
01/10/2021Frank LoweThe unanalysed race complex
01/03/2022Joy SchavereinRevisiting boarding school syndrome
01/06/2022Alf McFarlandCaring for the wounded healer
01/10/2022Dwight TurnerDecolonising the Psyche
01/03/2023Brett KahrPsychological infanticide: On parents who murder the minds of their babies
01/06/2023Judith AndersonThe fearful, fearless therapist in a time of climate crisis
01/10/2023Anne PowerWe know long term soulmates have to be made rather than found – but how do we do it.
01/03/2024Karen PronerRegrettably this event had to be cancelled due to ill health. It is hoped to rearrange it at 
future date