Membership of FIP, a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Organisational Member (OM), confers CPD and peer-group benefits.

It also confers eligibility to register with the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA)  college of the UKCP.

Can I join FIP immediately?

If your training was as a child / adolescent psychotherapist FIP membership is not available to you as we only accept adult psychotherapists for membership. Neither can we accredit you to UKCP.

Otherwise Membership is available for

  • Current members of UKCP who qualified in psychoanalytic Psychotherapy or Jungian analysis via a training accredited by the College of Psychoanlysis and Jungian Analysis, OR
  • Current members of BCP  registered with either body as a psychoanalysts or psychoanalytic psychotherapists or Jungian analysts

Eligibility can only be confirmed on submission of a completed application form.

I don't seem to be eligible - what should I do?

You may already have accumulated a personal portfolio of academic and clinical experience which meets the requisite standards. Or you may come from other colleges/sections of the UKCP and have additionally fulfilled the requirements for psychoanalytic practice.

If this sounds like you, then you can begin the accreditation process: please start here

FiP Ltd is recognised by UKCP as an accrediting organisation within the CPJA.

Membership Fees

Full: £95.00 pa (a one-off fee of £75 is charged for application for membership)
Non-practising: £25

An application form may be requested via the online form or in writing to:


All members must abide by the FiP Ltd Constitution and the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Membership of FiP Ltd falls into two categories:

Denise Rolland, Administrator, FIP, 11 Genotin Terrace Enfield EN1 2AF Phone: 020 8367 4359