Full Clinical Membership

Full clinical membership is open to current members of UKCP registered as full clinical members accredited with the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) as either a ‘Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist’ or as a ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapist’.

To be eligible for clinical status with FiP applicants must have an active practice working with individual adult clients in either an analytic or psychodynamic frame. If you require guidance regarding what constitutes an ‘active practice’ please consult our Clinical practice requirements for clinical membership status of FiP

Applicants who hold a valid European Certificate of Psychotherapy may also be eligible for full clinical membership – please click here

N.B. If your training was as a child/adolescent psychotherapist, FiP full membership is not available to you as we are only able to accept adult
psychotherapists. Neither can we accredit you to UKCP. You may however be eligible to apply as a Clinical Associate Member.

I am not accredited by or registered with UKCP and therefore don’t seem to be eligible – what should I do?
FiP Ltd is recognised by UKCP as an accrediting organisation within the CPJA. If you have accumulated a personal portfolio of academic and clinical experience which meets the requisite standards (a ‘Portfolio of Equivalence’), or if you come from other colleges/sections of UKCP and have additionally fulfilled the requirements for psychodynamic or psychoanalytic practice, you may meet the criteria for accreditation.
If this sounds like you, then you can begin the accreditation process: please start here

FiP’s clinical membership category is aligned to that of UKCP. Applicants should refer also to UKCP Clinical Membership Terms and Conditions.

 Application requirements (note 1):

  • Proof of qualification and registration with UKCP(CPJA)
  • If applicable, confirmation of UKCP/CPJA recognition of  a valid European Certificate of Psychotherapy 
  • Confirmation of most recent 5-yearly re-accreditation
  • Details of CPD undertaken since your most recent reaccreditation
  • Confirmation of your active clinical status
  • Two references, one from a UKCP(CPJA) registered supervisor
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of professional will
  • Signed acceptance of FiP’s Code of Ethics
  • Statement of complaints past or pending
  • CV
  • Confirmation of good standing with previous UKCP Organisational Member (where applicable)
  • Statement of reasons for wishing to join FiP
  • Application fee: £75


Note 1:The application requirements and fee are not applicable to existing FiP full non-clinical members who are returning to clinical practice and therefore seeking to transfer to clinical status. Applications for changed status should be submitted by letter/email to the Applications Committee and will be subject to confirmation of proof of insurance and professional will arrangements and confirmation of the applicant having met CPD requirements throughout the period of non-clinical status. 


Benefits of Full Clinical Membership:

  • Registration with UKCP(CPJA) (Note 2)
  • A collegiate UKCP re-accreditation  process
  • Inclusion in the FiP online directory as a therapist and/or supervisor
  • FiP voting rights
  • Free and discounted CPD provision
  • Annual CPD oversight process
  • Support and guidance in relation to professional complaints and concerns via the Ethics Committee
  • Opportunities for networking, social and professional
  • Discounted subscriptions to some professional journals
  • Opportunity to chair a FiP committee or become a Director

Note 2: Applicants not already accredited with UKCP and seeking accreditation as a pre-requisite of UKCP registration may be eligible for accreditation via FiP’s accreditation process (please follow this link)

 Membership fees:  £125 per annum

If you are interested in becoming a Full Clinical Member of FiP Please follow this link to the relevant online application form.