CPD and Recent Events

It is hoped FiP CPD events will provide an opportunity for members to meet as a community as well as to support our practice as psychotherapists.

All CPD hosted by FiP is free to its members. Events are also advertised on Eventbrite where non-members are able to book.

We aim to offer events which draw on a broad range of interventions and approaches that can supplement or be integrated into our work as psychanalytic or psychodynamic therapists.   We also aim to offer occasional events which simply give us something new to think about.

There will be three events each year, with one of these combined with the AGM.

In April 2021 FiP held its first CPD event over zoom.  Duine Campbell presented ‘Gay werewolves, the symbolic life and religious fundamentalism: concerning similarity and symbol’.

Other guest speakers have included:

Maxine Dennis

Dr Maggie Turp

Professor Joy Shaverein

Dr Dwight Turner gave a most interesting presentation: Decolonising the Psyche.