CPD Policy

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The Forum for Independent Psychotherapists (FiP) is a non-training Organisational Member of United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) within the College of Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA). Our members practice psychoanalytically, situating their work within the broad parameters of that shared heritage. These notes speak to the purpose of CPD (i.e., its ethos) and detail the specific criteria that members commit to fulfil (i.e., its legislated dimension).

CPD is defined by FiP as:
the “self-nominated schedule of activities through which a qualified psychotherapist maintains and develops their capacity to practice safely, effectively and appropriately within the contemporary norms of the profession”.

Appropriate CPD Activity:

FiP requires all clinical members to fulfil their personal commitment to CPD in a manner that also demonstrably meets the current CPJA Policy on Continuing Professional Development, irrespective of whether they are a member of that organisation or not. The essential criteria expected of clinical members are:

  1. To maintain a minimum caseload of one client, couple, patient, or supervisee in contracted psychoanalytic work. These contact hours are not to be included in the figures listed below but are additional to them;
  2. To fulfil a minimum of 250 hours of CPD activity over a five-year period;To fulfil a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activity in any one year;
  3. To maintain a log of CPD activity that evidences the detail of how these criteria and the wider policy have been fulfilled. This log will be audited by FiP in the ways described below. A number of UKCP members are asked to have their work audited within that organization each year, by random selection. This same CPD log will form an element of the review.

This is a very brief synopsis of our policy. Click here to download a pdf copy