CPD Policy Guidelines

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The Forum for Independent Psychotherapists (FiP) is a non-training member organisation of United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP), whose members work therapeutically within a broad range of psychoanalytic traditions. These FiP policy guidelines consolidate existing recommendations for continuing professional development (CPD) as proposed by UKCP and the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

CPD is defined by FiP as:

A range of learning activities through which the psychotherapist, throughout their professional career, maintains and develops a capacity to practice safely, effectively and appropriately within the evolving nature of their clinical practice and professional work.

Requirements to be fulfilled by all practising FiP members:

  • To maintain an annual CPD programme as part of their fitness to practice.
  • To maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities.
  • To be able to demonstrate written and documentary evidence of their CPD activities if so called upon by any registering organisation.
  • To be able to demonstrate that their CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities which are relevant to their current and or future clinical practice.
  • To ensure that their CPD contributes to the quality of their clinical practice.

CPD is identified by FiP as a combination of learning activities from the two categories below:

  1. Clinical Learning is determined as relating to the regular presentation of clinical practice which may either be in individual consultation with a senior colleague, or within a peer group/clinical seminar of qualified colleagues.
  2. Professional Learning involves a mixture of activities which may include: involvement within a psychotherapy organisation (such as FiP); psychotherapy lecturing and teaching, including work as a tutor or examiner; psychotherapy research and writing, including reviewing of books and articles; presentations at psychotherapy conferences; attendance at psychotherapy conferences; further education involving psychotherapy courses and seminars; reading of psychotherapy journals, books and articles.

Both clinical learning and professional learning CPD activities should be formulated to meet the individual needs of the psychotherapistMembers are encouraged to regularly review their CPD requirements with other FiP colleagues.

FiP recognises that due to the changing professional environment, these CPD guidelines may require amendment at a future date.